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Our Offerings

  • 8 minutes
    Entire Place, Flatshare, Student Housing or Upscale Offers - we have all housing options available in your hometown
    6 minutes
    Choose from a variety of WiFi options for your new home and get your subscription in no time
  • 6 minutes
    Bank account
    Open a local bank account in no time and fully online. See the best offers from our trusted banking partners
    Water, Electricity, Gas - select your provider and we will get you set up
  • 3 minutes
    Get your local phone number with movido - our partners offer you pay as you go or contract based services
    Tell us where you need to go and we will get you the right public transportation card
  • Workout
    Still looking for the best workout in your area? We have selected the best offers for you to choose from
    Join our community of like-minded people in your new hometown!

How it works

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Create an account

Easily create your movido account to get started: you can sign up instantly using your Facebook, Google or email account.

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Step 2

Select a service

Select all services you need from a variety of offerings – from WiFi to gym, movido has everything to get you started in your new city.

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Step 3

Compare offers

movido has pre-selected the best offers and has made them easily comparable for you to guarantee that you will get the best package for the best price.

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Step 4

Choose your product

Choose your preferred offer and leave the rest of the admin work to us. Within 24 hours, your new subscription will be active.

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Step 5

Manage your subscriptions

movido provides a personalized overview of all your active subscriptions - easily manage your account and cancel / change your contracts.

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A new simplicity

Fast Get set up in your new home in only 10 minutes instead of the usual 4.5 hours
Simple Simply choose your preferred subscription from a variety of offerings
Smart Compare services and benefit from the best prices and offers available
Free With movido, choose and manage your subscriptions completely free of charge
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Real stories from real students

Get inspired by these stories
  • Ellen From Stockholm To Paris

    "Most of the admin was in French. movido saved me time and money for my semester abroad in Paris"

  • Mariana From Buenos Aires To London

    "It took me 10 minutes and I was set – and I got a good deal for my new mobile and WiFi abo on top"

  • Etienne From Berlin To London

    "I struggled to find a good gym in my area – with movido I found the perfect one"

  • Mateo From Barcelona To London

    "Finding a good WiFi service in London is not easy. movido offers a list of local companies with flexible options and great features."

  • Lena From Warsaw To Paris

    "I secured my place to study in Paris a year ago. Thanks to movido, it was easy to set up all services I needed there."