About us

You are excited to start a new chapter in your life and move to a new city – the only thing that annoys you is all the cumbersome admin work that comes with it?

We at movido have gone through this exhausting process many times and know exactly how you feel.
That is why we decided to do something against this admin nightmare. Our mission is to make your relocation process as simple and convenient as it can possibly get and at the same time save you time and money. Our international team of developers, marketing and finance professionals works hard every day to reduce your admin burden so that you can focus on the adventures to come.

movido is a platform that offers you all the services you need in your new city – from getting your local phone number to a new local bank account. We have picked the best offers from our reputable partners and optimized the subscription process. This means that you only need to sign up once and get set up in your new home in about 10 minutes. We will handle the entire application process including follow-up with subscription companies, saving you days of admin work.

And the best part? All of that does not cost you anything.
We are not just doing you but also the providers a favour for which they grant us a small fee. So now, let movido deal with your admin work and start exploring your new hometown!

We have been selected out of more than 200 startups in Italy to participate in the acceleration program of Università Bocconi in Milan. We are looking forward to another great partnership!

Our Team

Alice Strecker
Jordan Demmouche
Verena Lunkenheimer
Product Manager
Tim Grobshäuser
Vitaliy Didukh
Yoni Touboul