Q: How does it work?
A: movido bundles all services you need in your new city on one platform. You sign up once and can start selecting your new bank account, local phone number, broadband, gym and many more services you need right away. We synchronize these service offers and prices continuously with our partners so that you always subscribe to the latest offers in the market. In your profile section, you can afterwards conveniently manage your contracts
Q: How much does movido cost?
A: movido is completely free of charge for you, we work on a commission basis only paid by the service provider. Due to the large number of users we refer, we often achieve special conditions. So on top of the perfect offer, you most likely get it at the cheapest price in the market.
Q: What service shall I start with?
A: Most of the contracts such as phone, broadband, gym, etc. require a local bank account. We therefore recommend to start with conveniently setting up your transferwise, bunq or revolut account. Afterwards, an apartment will give you the chance to have a fixed address. Check out our cool housing offers. All other services can then be booked in parallel.
Q: Who is the team behind movido?
A: We are a team with diverse backgrounds – from finance professionals to front/back-end developers. However, what we all share is the cumbersome admin experience when moving to a new city and the vision to make this process easier for you.
Q: How do I know if my purchase was successful?
A: Once you have submitted the order form, you will receive two emails – the first one will confirm your order. Now, movido will work in the background with the service provider to get your contract set up. Especially, when it comes to housing, this may take up to 48 hours. The second email with the purchase confirmation then guarantees you that your purchase was successful.
Q: I have not received my phone / wifi box / transport card yet – what shall I do?
A: Please note that this will take up to 3 business days depending on the provider. You can also always get in touch with our support team – they will be able to trace your delivery and help you.
Q: How can I cancel my contract?
A: In your “My profile” section, you have a good overview of all your contracts. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality reasons, we will not be able to cancel every type of contract. For these, you will either be provided a link to direct you to the respective action in no time or the helpline number to do so via phone.

Any additional questions ?

Please contact the movido customer service via chat, email or phone.

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